High Quality New Zealand Paperboard

We are Australasia’s only manufacturer of coated paperboard grades for the packaging market. All our paperboard is produced to the highest quality from virgin fibres for the greatest product safety and optimal performance.



Product Range

Safe, flexible, sustainable paperboard manufactured with unparalleled expertise. Folding box boards with a three layer structure, coated to meet end user needs.


A Hard-Won Reputation & Expertise

Our geographical location has shaped our commitment to our customers and markets far and wide, over a very long time. Those principles have been backed up by our focus on expertise and quality - two things we do not compromise on.


Proudly Kiwi with a Global Reach

  • We are located in the Kiwifruit belt of New Zealand, one of the most internationally recognised symbols of our country.
  • Along with our proud Kiwi origins, we have a long history of exporting our Paperboard around the globe.
  • The majority of what we produce is exported to the world and contributes to New Zealand’s export led economy.