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The Formakote™ line of quality folding boxboard

With nine product types, you’re sure to find a Formakote™ solution that matches your requirements


The Formakote™ line can broadly be grouped into four folding boxboard grades, each with its own unique benefits.

The Formakote™ range has been developed for a range of packaging applications including food service, FMCG, chilled goods and more.

Explore the range below, or contact our sales team for packaging advice and support.

Formakote™ White 

Whiteback GC1

Whether it’s packaging for fast-food restaurants or supermarket shelves, FORMAKOTE™ WHITE is the trusted choice. Choose FORMAKOTE™ WHITE GR which has the addition of a grease-resistant layer, making it ideal for food service end users. 

Weight range 200gsm-400gsm

Formakote™ Natura 

Manillaback GC2

For everyday packaging, FORMAKOTE™ NATURA offers great value and performance. Available hard-sized for chilled food, it can also be supplied with grease resistance.

Weight range 210gsm-400gsm

Formakote™ Spectra 

Kraftback GC4

When strength and stiffness are critical FORMAKOTE™ SPECTRA covers all the options. FORMAKOTE™ SPECTRA can be supplied with grease resistance.

Weight range 240gsm-430gsm

Formakote™ Sherpa 


As the name implies, FORMAKOTE™ SHERPA is the toughest and most durable product in our line. With a high wet strength, this carrierboard is ideal for product packaging in wet or chilled environments.

Weight range 300gsm-520gsm

Formakote™ Radiance

Hi-white Double coated folding boxboard

FORMAKOTE™ RADIANCE is a hi-white, two-side coated folding boxboard commonly used in health, beauty and pharmaceutical industries. 

Formakote™ Solaire

Hi-white coated folding boxboard

FORMAKOTE™ SOLAIRE is a one-side double-coated folding boxboard (FBB) which offers lightweight packaging with premium print results.